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The Henerosos vs The Last Night of The World
It is the last night of the world, and we are sitting right beside each other by our small balcony, as we watch the stars crash into neighboring planets. The house right beside us is burning, and we can see Mang Ruben and the Heneroso family running down the street, carrying TVs and extra clothes and what-have-you. I tell you that I don't see the point in saving all their things when they know that as soon as the sun rises, we'll all be gone. "The sun's not going to shine anymore, silly," you reply. I apologize for forgetting, and say that I've gotten so used to waiting for dawn, I never thought I wouldn't see the sun rise again. And all of a sudden, I start turning into a record player of apologies, while you listen silently.

I apologize for the time when I misread your text message and thought you wanted to join an orgy, until I figured I was only imagining that "y" at the end of the word. I apologize for not listening to Coldplay, even if you insisted that they were going to be the U2 of the new generation. I apologize for always forgetting to switch off the lights at night (the truth is, I'm really just afraid of the dark). I apologize for not greeting you on your 27th birthday, because I was too busy fixing the Hub that I totally forgot. You are now 53, and I just turned 54 last month. I try to remember all my mistakes, and run it by you, as we both feel the temperature rising exponentially. I apologize for a lot of things, but more importantly, I apologize because I forget a lot of things. I turn to you, and as I look at your face I am not sure if the drops of liquid on your cheek are tears or just sweat, now that the house right in front of us is burning as well. 

"Well isn't it a bit too late for that?", you say, as we turn to watch a small meteor crash right into corner of the street, hitting the Heneroso family on-the-spot. I hold your hand, and look back at the sky, now golden with occasional flashes of lightning and imploding stars. 

"Not until we reach dawn, honey," I say reluctantly. 

You place your lips close to my ear and start whispering, but the explosions are just too loud for me to hear what you were saying. At this point, I know the sun will rise one last time.

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I LOVE IT KING ANG GANDA!!!!!!! MORE PLEASE!!! :-) Excited na akong mag-check ng LJ ngayon.

I think I'll read it again. :-)

Aww thanks Vicky! Feels good to be writing on LJ again :)

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